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Honest Meal Planning (+Free Printables!)

May 31, 2016

Orphan Survival Guide - Honest Meal Planning (+ Free Printable)

Meal planning is the key to eating healthy and cheaply. But it takes a little work and motivation that can be hard to come by when you’re busy or infected with brain cooties. Sometimes it’s just easier to run through Starbucks on the way to work and pick up a tea and sandwich to last the rest of the day.

Eating out every day isn’t good for your budget or your health, but it’s so convenient when you’re in a rush.

Planning and preparing your meals ahead of time can help curb impulsive restaurant trips when you don’t have time to make food on your way to class or work. And incorporating grocery store ad cycles into your meal plan is a great way to try new recipes and keep your spending down if you’re on a limited budget or food stamps.

I know firsthand how hard it can be to motivate myself to cook and plan for the week. After many failed attempts at meal planning, I’ve learned to stop being so ambitious about it and start being honest with myself.

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Searching for Planner Peace

October 14, 2015

orphan survival guide - social media - finding planner peace

If you’ve followed my Instagram–or even my goals and organization posts–you’ll know how long I’ve been searching for my unicorn planner. From binders and printables to real pleather organizers and even planner apps, I’ve tried a lot of different things in my quest for planner peace.

There’s no point in hoarding all these old printables for myself, but maybe other people can get some use out of them! Keep reading to take a look at my process for finding planner peace, grab some FREE planner printables I have to share with you, and check out my new Etsy store, Little Orphan Plannie!

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15 Reading Apps for Students

September 24, 2015

orphan survival guide - social media - reading apps for students

When I started this series, I intended to have reading and book apps in the education post, but I just had too many. They warrant their own post. Plus, I am still collecting reference sources for the big masterpost. So. Reading!

I had an early Sony Reader back in the day and swore that tablets wouldn’t replace it–but then I got an iPad through my first college and suddenly had more convenient access to books and class uploads and fanfic. Now my beloved reader is sitting in a box collecting dust. But more than half of my tablet and phone time is reading now, across a variety of apps.

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20 Studying and Education Apps for Students

September 21, 2015

orphan survival guide - social media - studying & education apps for students
Sure, getting organized and in shape is great, you say. But what about the real  apps for students? What about studying and writing papers?

I’ve got that covered. Here are apps that help you with everything from citations and paper-writing to learning foreign languages and learning how to use Photoshop. Here are apps that students actually use.

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15 Health and Wellness Apps for Students

September 14, 2015

orphan survival guide - social media - health and wellness apps for students

My home internet is pretty spotty at times, which means that WordPress will eat my posts while I’m writing them if I don’t save constantly. So let this be a lesson to save every few minutes or whenever you take a break!

Earlier in the year I started collecting reference link and app masterposts for students in the hopes of making a big masterpost of apps and resources for everything from studying to writing papers to taking naps–but that got too unwieldy and I decided to break everything up for the sake of readability.

I had this series in a different order before, but since I’m getting over the flu this weekend I’m starting things off with health apps!

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