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School Supplies Stock-Up Price List

August 7, 2015

orphan survival guide - social media - school supplies stock up price list and giveaway

When I moved into my new apartment last week, I had three laundry baskets of clothes, ten boxes of books, four storage tubs of yarn, and seven boxes of office supplies.

School supply season is my weakness, even more than day-after-Halloween candy sales. I have multiple boxes of notebooks and comp books and note pads, many of which have one or two pages written in them but are otherwise pristine. I’m working on my organization problems and hoarding tendencies, so I haven’t bought any school supplies this season yet. But I know a good bargain when I see one.

A quick glance at the studyblr community would lead you to believe that every dedicated student has the expendable income to buy Stabilo pens and Moleskines and Macbook Airs (and the time to study 16 hours a day). Greek life Pinterest boards are full of college “essentials” lists that include Kate Spade planners and dry erase calendars and white noise machines.

Few students–especially adult orphans–can afford such extravagances. And really, do you actually need that stuff to study?

In this post, I’ll go over how I spend less than $30 on school supplies each year and still manage to create a school supplies hoard in my office.

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How To Run Away From Home: After

July 3, 2015

orphan survival guide - social media - how to run away from home- after

When thinking about the resources and support network you need, consider these three basic things:

  1. Where can I go?
  2. What do I need?
  3. Who can and will help?

In the last post, I covered what all you need to bring or consider when preparing to leave. Now, have a big list of places and people who can help you once you’re out.

Who Can Help?

What kind of things do you need on your Bug-Out Bag info list? Think about what you’ll need once you’re on your own. Money, food, housing, medical care, emotional support…

Keep a list of all of the people and places that can give you that so you know where to go in the middle of the night. These can be:

  • friends
  • family members of friends
  • your own sympathetic family members
  • social services/child protective services
  • the police
  • hotlines
  • domestic violence centers
  • shelters
  • food banks
  • employment offices
  • clinics
  • college financial aid offices
  • the library, which can put you in touch with all of the above

Seriously, I cannot emphasize the last one enough. Your local public or school library has so many regional-specific resources available for you if you just ask. If nothing else, the library is a good place to stay during the day when you have nowhere else to go.

How To Run Away From Home

  1. Intro: How To Run Away From Home
  2. Before: Planning & Preparation
  3. After: Resources & What’s Next

A version of this series was originally posted on the Orphan Survival Guide Tumblr.

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10 Ways to Find Local Hot Spots

April 10, 2015

orphan survival guide - social media - 10 ways to find local hot spots (1)

Now that I’ve moved to a better host and I can actually make updates, it’s time for an update to How To Find Local Events!

I grew up in Tourist Central, surrounded by chain big box stores and Disneyfied everything. Moving to Iowa City gave me some serious culture shock because there’s such a big locavore culture here and I grew up on a block that had two McDonalds restaurants.

I’m never at a loss for places to go or people to visit–in fact, I’m usually overwhelmed with choices. Where do you want to go for dinner?  is a really hard question to answer when there are hundreds of restaurants at your disposal. And I don’t have to give in to #2 Party School  culture to keep myself entertained.

I’m never bored by Iowa City. There’s so much to do here, and it’s not hard to find the best places to eat, shop, and people-watch. So whether you’re just moving to a new town or you’re looking to find something new and interesting to do this weekend,  here are my ten best tips to find local hot spots.

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Free! College Assignment Sheet Template

February 12, 2015

orphan survival guide - social media - free college assignment sheet template

Last month I shared my new planner, which is part of a larger accountability binder system that I use to keep track of things I need to work on and places I need to be.

One of the pages was my assignment and project sheet where I wanted to keep all of due dates. I have pretty small handwriting so I crammed in two 40-line tables on the page: one for classwork and one for writing projects.

I greatly underestimated how many things I would have due this semester. Not counting the surprise projects that have sprung up since the semester started (thanks a lot, j-school), I have over 150 items in my class assignment list.

By comparison, I have about 10 anthology deadlines listed in my project sheet for the entire year.

I obviously need something a little more heavy duty for tracking classwork.

Inspired by this post on Organized Charm, I made a Google Sheet specifically for class assignments.

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