I’m a broke college student holding down multiple jobs and side hustles. Orphan Survival Guide gives me the chance to work from home and take steps towards financial independence, so I’d love to make a little cash off my blog.

In the interest of full disclosure…

All photos used in this blog are either taken by myself or from free resources like Startup Stock Photos, PicJumbo, or Unsplash.

I am an Amazon and IndieBound affiliate, which means that I might get a few cents off from your order when you click through my links. This doesn’t mean you pay more for the product–if I get anything, it’s a little bit of the site’s share.

I use some third party advertisements because I’m just getting started with the blog and still working on sponsorships. If you’re like me and you dislike sites that evade AdBlock plus, feel free to opt-out of ads here. When I find ads on the blog that are interfering with my own ability to read or use the site, I do remove them just because I’m picky about how the blog looks–so there will never be ads that disrupt the use and legibility of Orphan Survival Guide.

I am a member of ad and influencer networks–but I will only promote products, companies, and content that I personally find useful and practical. I will never recommend something I wouldn’t use myself.

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