Orphan Summer Reading List

June 4, 2015

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With summer break comes more time to read. No more textbooks or article packets! More romance novels and self-help books!

Inspired by the Raised by Narcissists Book Club, I’ll be reading and reviewing books and resources for adult orphans. Plus I want to get to work on one of my Summer Bucket List items, which is to keep track of the things I read. Want to be Goodreads friends? Add me here!

I started working on a reading list page and realized there was a lot more than just books that I wanted to include. The Orphan Survival Guide Resources page will be updated with links to books in my summer reading list queue and (eventually) their completed reviews. It will also have links to social networks and informational sites to help other orphans and independent adults work on life skills and emotional wellness while connecting with other people for support.

The book recommendations will include Amazon and IndieBound links with my affiliate tag, a Goodreads link to add to your own reading list, and the WorldCat link for those who can’t afford to buy books.

I’m still building the list so I’m constantly adding links. It’s pretty bare so far, but I am excited to start adding to it!

Are there any books that have been particularly inspirational to you as you’ve grown up? Let me know in the comments!

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