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Preview: How to Find Local Events

March 25, 2015

orphan survival guide - social media - find local events

I have a draft tentatively titled How to Find Cool Stuff to Do When You Move to a New Place that covers the ins and outs of finding events, businesses, and city services in your town.

When in doubt, just ask yourself: “What would Leslie Knope do?”

Orphan Survival Guide - What Would Leslie Knope Do? -- How to Find Local Events

My townie masterpost is scheduled for posting on Friday but one of my classes has a story pitch due today and I’m a Helper. Post is here!

Post delayed due to transferring hosts and Tumblr management.

So! Here’s a teaser with two quick tips for finding things to do in town–with some resources specific to Iowa City.

Find Local Events Calendars

This is my first stop for finding things to do on the weekends, and Iowa City has many calendars of events curated by libraries, blogs, newspapers, and even the city.

Download Event-Hunting Apps

I’ve tried some of these out but also read great things about others. Most of them have a social networking aspect where you can see who’s there so you don’t have to be a wallflower.

What tools do you use to find local events and discover new places to go?


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