Spring Semester Resolutions Update

May 17, 2015

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The semester’s over! I’m going to spend my first real day off playing Sims all day. But first, let’s see how well I did with  my semester resolutions


don’t drop out | don’t skip class (too much) | turn stuff in on time | befriend at least 1 person in each class | take advantage of campus resources

Three out of five isn’t bad, right? I still turned stuff in late and I only skipped the classes I knew didn’t matter (a 300-person lecture with a discussion section full of argumentative freshmen), but I am keeping a GPA good enough to get scholarships so I think I’m doing pretty great on the academic front.

I didn’t drop out! At least once a week I had moments where I wondered why I was in school at all–especially when I went to a networking event and was told by several people that I might be better off focusing on my freelance stuff instead of class–but I’m still pushing through.


meet deadlines | finish things | write and publish/submit at least 1 short story every 2 months | don’t become underemployed | know when to turn down a job and take a personal day

I’m really pleased that I met all of my work goals this semester! I kept my side hustles going and when a bunch of TAs got my contact info and drowned me in transcription work I learned when to say no.

I think this is a pretty good indicator that I’m a lot better at keeping on top of my paying jobs than my (often ungraded and pointless) classwork. Maybe I really should reconsider the decision to stay in school…

Bonus: I didn’t just publish one short story every two months–I self-published almost ten short stories on Amazon and made some sweet smutbucks! I also made some really great connections at networking events and I feel pretty confident in my ability to turn my side hustles into my primary source of income soon.


keep a daily planner and routine | keep things clean and organized | pay off personal debts | cook more meals and drink more water | stop impulse buying things

I made a planner and kept track of all my assignments, but I don’t think I did too well with my daily routine, which should involved cleaning regularly and exercising every day. Oops. It’s hard to keep things organized and clean when you live in a 300 square foot apartment, and it’s even harder to find the motivation to clean up every day when you pull 14-hour days. But I got a dishwasher, so that’s helped with my biggest problem: doing dishes.

But I have been cooking a lot more thanks to my meal plan, and I have at least a liter of water every day!


read 1 book per month | track my online and book reading lists better | be more confident | be a good hipster and keep up with new music | move into an apartment I like

I… didn’t get any of these done. Looks like my summer resolutions need to include work on the work-life balance.

11/20 semester resolutions accomplished. It could be worse! How about you? How did you do with the resolutions you set at the beginning of the year?

This week I have really exciting news to share, and I’ll post my summer resolutions/bucket list.


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