Summer Bucket List 2015

May 20, 2015

orphan survival guide - sm - summer bucket list

Hello, new readers from KCRG! Welcome!

I mentioned earlier this week that I had big news to share, and that was it! I spent Monday afternoon talking to Beth Malicki at KCRG about what it’s like being a lonely orphan child (all grown up) and how I got started working on Orphan Survival Guide.

The story will run during the 6 o’clock news tonight, but for those of us with no TVs or at work when the news is on, I’ll definitely post a link to check it out once it’s up online!

ETA: Here’s the link, complete with video of me petting the cats at The Haunted Bookshop!

Last weekend I wrote about all the semester resolutions I did (and didn’t) accomplish this semester. I managed to pay all my bills and get pretty decent grades, but I really needed to take a look at my work-life balance. I was pulling really long days that were pretty draining and didn’t make a lot of time for self-care.

Going back to school while working 60+ hours a week has given me a new appreciation for the free time I had when I just had one 40-hour a week job. And even though I’m too old for summer break craziness, I am definitely feeling the need to relax and have a little more fun now that classes are over.

I do want to spend a lot more time on the blog and work on becoming 100% self-employed, but I need a break from working and schooling all the time.

I’m making the theme of my 2015 summer bucket list the summer of self-care.

When you spend 2/3 of hour days in class and at work, you fall behind on a lot of things–TV shows, new books, taking naps, working on your five-year plan… But now that my finals meltdowns are out of the way, I can finally catch up on all the things I wanted to do and take some time for the stuff that makes existential crises a little more manageable.

  1. blog twice a week
  2. keep an editorial calendar and daily blog checklist
  3. refine OSG’s branding
  4. hit 500 views a day on OSG
  5. hit 2000 Tumblr followers
  6. join some link parties
  7. get paid to blog
  8. publish a Kindle story every week
  9. up my transcription game
  10. up my freelance game
  11. apply for scholarships
  12. don’t touch my savings account
  13. move in to my new apartment
  14. quit my day job
  15. GET A KITTEN!!!
  16. knit something for the State Fair
  17. win a ribbon at the State Fair
  18. go to the State Fair
  19. create a summer playlist
  20. go to summer festivals
  21. go to the farmers market every week
  22. find every Little Free Library in town
  23. take and leave a book in all the Little Free Libraries
  24. find a new study/productivity place in town
  25. try a new restaurant
  26. have a fancy brunch one day
  27. go on a road trip somewhere
  28. go to the Amana Colonies
  29. go to Stringtown Grocery
  30. find the secret Amish bakery in Kalona
  31. watch all of X Files and House of Cards
  32. commit to one Sims family
  33. track my reading lists
  34. read a book a week
  35. sort through my library/hoard
  36. get pretty handwriting
  37. go to a Chris Colfer book signing (haters gonna hate, but I love me some Glee)
  38. grill out
  39. have a fire pit party
  40. go on picnics
  41. go swimming
  42. learn Spanish through Duolingo/Mango
  43. DIY some jeans into shorts
  44. get pro photos done
  45. have a blanket fort party
  46. get out of bed by 9 every day
  47. try new recipes
  48. try vlogging
  49. create an inspiration wall
  50. learn a new skill — SEO, CSS
  51. improve my design skills — Photoshop, InDesign
  52. try new hair/makeup tricks
  53. start a gratitude journal
  54. commit a random act of kindness
  55. lose 20 pounds
  56. stop eating dairy for real this time
  57. catch up on Night Vale
  58. create a memory jar
  59. go school supply shopping
  60. try Pinterest DIY decorating projects
  61. watch the best Bollywood movies on Netflix [more here?]

What’s on your summer bucket list?

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  • Reply Ji May 21, 2015 at 1:49 AM

    These look fun :3 Good luck! Mind if I adopt a couple?

    • Reply Cordelia May 21, 2015 at 12:48 PM

      Hi Ji! Thanks for reading! Feel free to add some of these to your own bucket list! 🙂

  • Reply cafebiblioart August 6, 2015 at 3:17 PM

    wow, quite a nice list and long too. It wills surely keep you occupied for quite some time! Good luck accomplishing everything you wrote down and more!

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