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Networking Tips

October 26, 2015

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Two weeks ago, I hit the limit of my extroversion. In the span of three days I attended two networking events and a conference. I talked to a lot of people. I got two job offers out of them and learned a lot more in panels and three-minute conversations than I have in most of my semester-long classes.

When I say that I’m only in school for the connections, I’m not exaggerating. Much.

I would gladly do without the group project busywork and outdated lectures, but I’m milking every networking opportunity I can out of this program. From my department’s speed networking events to conferences to TA transcription circles, I’m there.

I’m not the world’s greatest networker. I talk too much and I’m still learning how to stop talking to someone. It’s hard for an ENFP to turn that off.

But there are some tricks to getting the most out of networking opportunities that I’ve learned through, well, networking. There are tons of blog posts and Pinterest infographics out there that cover Networking 101 so why not throw my hat into the ring?

I don’t follow all these tips all the time because it’s a lot of work and it can be exhausting (especially when you’ve been doing it for two days already), but even hitting just a few key points will make you more memorable to people who can help you Go Places.

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