The 6 Stages of Getting Over Finals

December 19, 2014

Time to shove your binders and flash cards into a box and forget about them for the next four weeks, because the semester is officially over.

1. Napping

Finals are exhausting, especially when they’re at 7 a.m. Go back to bed and sleep for a week.


2. Obsessively Checking Your Grades

The TA for your Monday morning final posted their grades within six yours–why is it taking everyone else so long?


3a. Emotional Eating

You’re pretty sure you bombed that last final, so why bother trying to maintain your dignity at this point? McDonald’s won’t judge you.


3b. Binge Drinking

Did you totally kick finals week’s ass? Sweet! Drink to celebrate!


Did finals totally kick your ass? Drown your sorrows.


4. Catching Up

Guess what! You have free time! Now you can catch up on all those shows you started watching to escape from the stress of school but ended up abandoning because you had too much to do.


5. Trying New Things

In between Criminal Minds marathons and downloading the weekly Billboard Hot 100, you should have plenty of time to pick up a new skill or hobby, meet new people, or even just go on a lavish vacation.



6. How is it next semester already?!

Didn’t I just sell my book back yesterday?


Have a good break, y’all! You earned it!


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