What’s In My Purse: July 2015

July 15, 2015

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To celebrate my new self-employment, I spent the weekend in Chicago to hang out with some friends I hadn’t seen in a while and to go to a Chris Colfer book signing because that’s the kind of person I am. I am also the kind of person who has about 20 different unfinished post drafts and can’t commit to something significant today because my landlord keeps scheduling apartment showings while I’m trying to pack.

So as a placeholder for not having any content of substance today, let me show you what’s in my purse!

I got a great weekender bag at Goodwill a few weeks ago, but I needed to slim down my everyday purse so I wouldn’t have to carry 20 pounds of hoarder junk all over town.

When I would work in the office every day, I carried a lot of stuff around, which is why I wanted a better planner last year. My commute was an hour and a half each way, so I had a lot of bus time to work on projects, read, or just listen to podcasts. Because I’m a hoarder and I always expect to be bored no matter where I am, I would bring basically everything I thought I could possibly need.

I carried everything from knitting projects and books to candy and makeup.

Actually, most of those things were in my purse when I went to Chicago, too, because that was an even longer bus trip.

orphan survival guide - what's in my purse

Office Supplies

Obviously my biggest offender is stationery and pens. I am an office supply hoarder, and my purse definitely showcases that. I’ve got my binder, complete with colorful stickers (NaNoWriMo and, yes, even more Glee) and my planner and project folders. Then there’s a notebook, which I got from a friend who works at Half Price Books. There are a few Staples notepads that I hoarded from work because I like having pages that are bigger than my ruled Post-Its but smaller than a full notebook.

Plus the pens and pencils. Some of them are just pens I picked up from festival kiosks, but I recently had a coupon for Papermate InkJoy pens that were also on sale, so I got a bunch of free pens that way. I love the InkJoy 300s so seriously: a crapton of pens.

Pretty Stuff

Lately I’ve been coming in to work right after my morning swim, so I don’t have the time or inclination to get dolled up for the office, so I keep a some BB cream and lip balm in my purse so I don’t have to carry a lot of products. I also have a little bottle of nail polish just because I ran out of plain nude polish and hadn’t bothered to take it out of my purse.


First things first, I am moving in two weeks so I want to go through all my old clothes and decide what really needs to come with me (and what I still fit into), so I have a lot of laundry to do. I got two rolls of quarters just in case, but I’ve really only got about three laundry baskets worth of clothes in total.

I’ve got a new wallet, courtesy of another hoarder friend, that holds all my cards, money, and receipts, and also matches my purse, so that’s been super helpful for keeping me mostly organized. It also doubles as a phone case because it’s an old lady wallet that holds everything.

But I do still have a problem with grabbing receipts and just tossing them into the bottom of my purse. I started using You Need A Budget lately, which is why I even have the receipts, but my purse was definitely in need of a deep clean to get all of them put into the app and then into the garbage.

Also in my bag (usually) was my lanyard and badge for work. I don’t need that anymore!


Candy. Lots of little candies. Almost always chocolate.

I also started working on a blanket for the state fair this month, so I am carrying around a ton of yarn and the beginnings of an grey ombre blanket on my very old Knit Picks/Knitters’ Pride 60″ circular interchangable needle.

On top of my binder is my iPad, which doubles as a work and play device–I have a lot of my blogging tools on there, but also a lot of music, games, and fanfic. My Sony headphones, which were like $14 at Walmart last year, are also working overtime for both transcription jobs and for listening to Songza on the iPad.

What’s in my purse now that I’m working from home? My binder, sunglasses, and the mail I grabbed yesterday on my way home from dinner.

How about you? What’s in your bag? What can’t you live without when you’re on the go every day?

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  • Reply cafebiblioart August 6, 2015 at 3:15 PM

    I totally agree with you on the InkJoy pens – they are my fav brand of pens and my to-go-to exam pens. What I have in my bag? well not that many things actually. Umbrella, pens, a small notepad or something to write stuff down and some tissues. I try not to carry to many things especially since I find it more difficult to walk if I carrying more weight. When I have my backpack – then it is a completely different story…. I totally understand the need to be prepared for anything in case something comes up. Enough said, don’t you think?

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